Creative Writing Heals 4

Creative Writing Heals 4 is here! The Fourth Edition of our annual publication ‘Creative Writing Heals’ is now available to purchase. This is a collection of stories and poems on themes ranging from personal reflections on childhood, lockdown, village life, mental health and recovery, to creative fictions about crime, horror and romance. Sincerity, honesty, creativity, imagination and humour are all beautifully combined in a mix as diverse and unique as the Converge Community behind it.

Creative Writing Heals 4: A new collection of writing from Converge students at York St John University by [Helen Kenwright]

Huge congratulations to everyone who contributed to the book! And for those of you who didn’t make it in this time, don’t worry! Entry for the fifth edition is now open to all Converge Students, staff and volunteers. If you don’t know where to begin free writing is always a great place to start. Sit down and spend ten minutes just writing whatever comes to your head. You could pick a picture from a magazine, something you can see in your room or out of your window, or a sentence from a random page of a book to get you started. You’ll be amazed what comes out when you just write!

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Another helpful technique could be mind mapping. This can be helpful if you are struggling to get all your thoughts and ideas in order. Why not start out by writing down all our ideas for settings, characters and themes and plot points and see where it takes you?

If you would like to send in a piece of writing for the Creative Writing Heals 4 then you can email it to our head of Creative Writing at Converge, Helen at ‘’

If you would like to buy a copy of Creative Writing Heals Four you can order one or download a copy for kindle through this link: The money from every copy sold will help fund future activities for Converge’s creative writing students.

Best wishes!

Eleanor 😊

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