Reflections on Art and The Environment

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! This week I wanted to share a bit about one of our recently finished Converge Connected courses.

The Art and the Environment course was an online course run by our art tutor, Sylkie. The course explored ways that art can be used to explore nature and ways that we can protect our planet and use waste materials creatively. Every week we were inspired by a new artist using materials such as cardboard, plastic, natural waste and paper to create beautiful and sustainable artworks.

Here are some examples!

Derek Gores
Collage artist Derek Gores creates bold and beautiful collages from torn up magazines.
Chris Gilmour. Fragile Eng - Daniele Capra
British sculptor Chris Gilmour creates super accurate, intricate models like this bike, using only cardboard!
Khalil Chistee creates these surreal and haunting sculptures using plastic bags.
Rebecca Louise Law Interview
My personal favourite, Rebecca Louise Law, creates beautiful installations by suspending dried flowers that would otherwise be thrown away!

Each week, inspired by these amazing artists and the the new found potential of materials all around us, we were challenged to create art works of our own. Here are a few examples from students!….

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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