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Session 1 – The Mind-Body Problem: Extra Materials

Here are the session slides as well a few extra resources about the mind-body problem. These materials are pitched at different levels of understanding, so some may stretch you more than others. They are completely optional: feel free to dip in and out of them as you choose!

BBC Radio 4: In Our Time – The Mind-Body Problem (opens in iPlayer)

Where Does Your Mind Reside? (opens in YouTube)

The Mind-Body Problem, Its Perspectives and Its Importance (blog post)

What’s Really at Stake in the Mind-Body Debate? (blog post)

Session 2 – Ancient Philosophers: Extra Materials

Once again, you’ll find the slides to the session as well as some materials on ancient philosophers which may be of interest. Have fun!

Plato and Aristotle (opens in YouTube)

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (opens in YouTube)

Plato’s Theory of Forms (magazine article)

Introduction to Aristotle and the Four Causes (blog post)

Session 3 – Free Will and Determinism: Extra Materials

Here are the slides for Free Will and Determinism and some related links. The article on God and free will picks up on one of the discussions that came up during the session (you may or may not be convinced by it!). The final video is not strictly philosophy but deals with the issue of being overwhelmed by choice, something many of us relate to.

Free Will and Determinism (opens in YouTube)

Free Will, Determinism, and the Possibility of Doing Otherwise (blog post)

Free Will: Perspectives from Neuroscience (blog post)

Can God Know Everything and Still Give Us Free Will? (blog post)

TED Talk: The Paradox of Choice (opens in

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