How to use Converge Connected – FAQs

Hello everyone, and welcome to the shiny new blog! This is the place to be for news from all across Converge, from bonus activities to course updates.

We know that any new system, online or otherwise, can take a little bit of getting used to. That’s why today’s post is a little recap on how to use Converge Connected, with some commonly asked FAQs and some little tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

What is Converge Connected, and how can I use it?

Converge Connected is a learning platform, designed to make courses and teaching as accessible as possible for all students. You can access courses and materials in the following three ways:

  • Online (through both Zoom and the online classroom)
  • Postal (posted materials and tutor feedback)
  • Self-study units (online classroom, tutor guidance)

What is the Online Classroom?

The Online Classroom is part of the Converge Connected website, and is where you’ll find self-study materials to supplement your learning on Zoom. These might include activities, feedback on your assignments and resources.

To access the Online Classroom, input your login details here:

How do I use Zoom?

Your tutor will send you a link to your Zoom session before class. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you might be placed into a ‘waiting room’ until class starts. Online classes are much like on-campus ones: you can expect plenty of activities, teaching via PowerPoint slides, and discussions in smaller groups (often with the use of Breakout rooms).

Do I use both Zoom and the Online Classroom?

Courses are designed to offer you different materials on Zoom and the Online classroom. For example, your Zoom session might be spent sharing work and discussing content with other students. You can then access an overview of the topic, some activities to do alone and links to further information in the Online Classroom.

How can I access a course by post?

You’ll receive all the same materials and resources you’d see online in a postal pack, sent directly to your home. The first pack will include a note from your tutor to introduce themselves and the course. You’ll then receive information and activities throughout the duration of the course, which you can return to your tutor (using the enclosed prepaid envelope) in exchange for feedback.

We hope you enjoy using Converge Connected! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your tutor, who’ll be happy to help.

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