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Mini Course: An Introduction to Music Theory

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On this course you will gain an understanding of the basic building blocks of music theory and notation. No prior musical knowledge is required. Prepares for the in-person “Applied Music Theory for Singers Course” at Converge York.

Part A: Slides

There are a total of 35 pages – Please read and understand before going to the next page.


What is Music Theory? (Page 2 – 7)

Rhythm –> Time Signature (Page 8 – 13)

Rhythm –> Rhythmic Values (Page 14 – 20)

Pitch –> Treble Clef vs Bass Clef (Page 21 – 24)

Pitch –> Musical Notes (Page 25 – 33)

Part B: Virtual Piano

  • Click on the above link to access the virtual piano.
  • Use it as a reference for getting the exact pitches when you learn to read musical notes from Part A: Slides –> Page 25 – 33.
  • There are 3 octaves in the virtual piano – Octave is a musical series of 8 notes (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C “repeat”).
  • Use Middle C as the default note to find the other musical notes in both treble clef and bass clef – Middle C is the 2nd C-note in the virtual piano / C-note in the middle.
  • Use and focus the White Keys only, as they are the only ones covered in this course.

Part C: Test (Voluntary)

10 questions – 5 for rhythm & 5 for pitch.

Each question carries 10 marks.

Please read the questions and answer them carefully. You may refer to the slides and virtual piano.

  1. How many beats in a bar for 4/4 time signature?
  2. How many beats in a bar for 2/2 time signature?
  3. How many beats in a bar for 6/8 time signature?
  4. How many beats is a dotted crotchet?
  5. How many beats is a dotted minim?
  6. Why is the treble clef also called the G clef?
  7. Why is the treble clef also called the F clef?
  8. What is the note step down from Middle E?
  9. What is the note skip up from Middle G?
  10. What is the note leap down from Higher C?

Please feel free to email your answers to the course tutor (Aaron Soon) for marking:

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